About Hamtramck

About Hamtramck

Hamtramck is its own city located within the boundaries of Detroit proper. Since it’s just a short commute to downtown Detroit, Hamtramck residents can enjoy all the city has to offer while still having a quiet place to live. Though it’s small, Hamtramck shouldn’t be mistaken for a sleepy little hamlet—signs in the town boast that Hamtramck offers “The World in Two Square Miles.” One visit to this unique town proves this message to be true.

Like many big cities, Detroit is made up of a collection of unique neighborhoods. Similar to Midtown, Corktown, West Village or North End, Hamtramck has become another Detroit neighborhood with a flavor all its own. Because of its easy access to downtown Detroit and its close proximity to Eastern market, Hamtramck is quickly carving out an identity as one of Detroit’s most interesting neighborhoods.

Hamtramck’s ethnic diversity is a major point of pride, and for good reason. Residents and visitors enjoy a true melting pot of cultures and ethnicities in this incredibly diverse city. Though Hamtramck’s Polish and Eastern European roots are still plenty apparent, the city also enjoys the cultural influence of its Middle Eastern and Bangladeshi population. In fact, a section of the city aptly named ‘Banglatown’ has become a popular destination all its own.

Nowhere is Hamtramck’s ethnic diversity more apparent than in the city’s vast array of dining options. Hamtramck is a true foodie town, with a wide range of ethnic grocers and urban farmers. The town also boasts an impressive collection of cafes, bakeries and restaurants. From exotic to trendy, from burger joints to multicultural cuisine, Hamtramck’s dining options are truly a reflection of its diverse residents.

Visual and performing arts are an integral part of Hamtramck’s rich neighborhood identity. The city has always been known for its exciting bar and live music scene. With a thriving artistic community of independent artists, artist collectives and art galleries, Hamtramck is also a haven for both young and established artists looking for affordable studio or gallery space.

With an ever-evolving identity, an ideal location just five miles from downtown and growth and redevelopment paralleling the rest of Detroit, Hamtramck is quickly becoming the next big destination. For those looking for an alternative to Detroit’s rising cost of living, Detroit Loft Living’s spacious and affordable lofts are the perfect option. In Hamtramck, tenants get to enjoy easy access to the city and the small-town feel of a lively and intimate neighborhood.