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Things to Know Before Moving to Detroit

If you’re moving to Detroit, you may be surprised to find that your options are nearly endless. With so many amazing neighborhoods and a rapidly expanding millennial population, Detroit is a city on the rise and has the unique opportunity to offer affordable city living - including a wide selection of Detroit lofts for sale, Detroit loft apartments for rent and Detroit apartments, condos and homes for rent or purchase. There’s no rulebook when looking for a new place to live, but there are certainly some considerations that might help guide your decision and make your move to Detroit just a bit easier.

1. Explore all of the city’s neighborhoods before choosing your new zip code

Major cities often contain collections of neighborhoods with vastly different cultural influences and personalities— how can you be sure you’re choosing the right one? A good starting point would be to visit some neighborhoods and immerse yourself in their culture. Visit local parks and stores— talk to locals about why they love living there, and ask business owners why they settled on that location when scouting out business opportunities.

Hamtramck, a city nestled within Detroit, boasts a number of uniquely local attractions such as the Hamtramck Labor Day festival and Pączki Day, both celebrations of the city’s Polish heritage.

2. Discover the art and culture each neighborhood has to offer

Despite being home to the Motown Museum and the Detroit Institute of Arts, Detroit is not necessarily thought of as a hotbed of performing and visual arts. That’s quickly changing with the significant growth of Detroit’s art and music scene.

Hamtramck alone hosts The Blowout, an indie music festival that showcases the work of more than 200 bands. The largest festival of its kind, The Blowout takes place annually in venues and bars throughout the city. Hamtramck is also home to the Planet Ant Theatre, a professional theater that has operated for 15 years and holds its own improv festivals twice a year.

3. Explore local neighborhoods’ bars and restaurants

Whether you’re a foodie or a seasoned home chef, it’s always a good idea to know the landscape of your city’s local restaurant and grocery options. Eastern Market, a thriving public market that emphasizes health and wellness and features many local vendors, is located near Hamtramck and just minutes from Downtown Detroit.

Head to Eastern Market on a Saturday and enjoy a barbecue cookout at Bert’s Market Place or grab some breakfast at Farmer’s Restaurant. Need a caffeine boost before browsing the market? Stop at Germack Coffee Roasting Company for a cup of small-batch roasted coffee. Finish out your Saturday at Mootown Ice Cream Shoppe, which offers vegan options as well as traditional ice cream.

If local breweries are more your speed, Detroit has you covered. For a laid-back experience, check out Liberty Street Brewing Company. If you’re looking to catch a baseball game, grab a beer at the Detroit Beer Co., located conveniently within walking distance to Comerica Park, home to the Detroit Tigers. The Atwater Brewery is a great option when you’re looking to fully immerse yourself in Michigan’s unique brewing culture, and the B. Nektar Meadery— which features a variety of mead recipes— is the perfect spot when you’re looking for a change from the typical brewery experience.

4. Find a neighborhood that gets you

Detroit’s downtown has experienced a resurgence, leading to an influx of millennial residents. The excitement of living in a rapidly revitalizing city is thought to be a motivating factor for millennial house-hunters, and Detroit’s affordable housing is an attractive bonus. Also, check out our blog post Safe Neighborhoods in Detroit; Choosing where to Live in Detroit, Michigan.

5. Get the real numbers on crime

Safety is, of course, an extremely important consideration when choosing a new place to live. Before moving to Detroit, do some research on the safety of the neighborhoods you’ve identified as contenders for your new home. Though it’s often portrayed as a dangerous metropolitan area, downtown Detroit is just as safe as any other major US city and in recent years, has shown steady improvement in reducing crime rates.