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Choosing Where to Live in Detroit, Michigan? Find the Safest Neighborhoods in Detroit

Detroit’s population is making a big comeback and growing for the first time in decades, according to The Detroit News. The real estate market is booming as young professionals, millennials and new families are flocking to Detroit. The city boasts new activity and a lower cost of living compared to other large US cities. In fact, Detroit made the U.S. News “125 Best Places to Live in the USA” list.

With many diverse neighborhoods to choose from—each with its own distinct personality, access, and vibe—newcomers are wondering where to live in Detroit, Michigan.

Safety, cost, access to services, and of course cultural events and entertainment are big factors to consider. No matter what you’re looking for, here’s a list of some of the top neighborhoods to consider in Detroit, MI, based on both data reports and personal reviews.


Rivertown is a renter’s paradise, rated #1 in the Niche 2018 Best Places to Live for Detroit. Residents love this warehouse district area for its natural beauty alongside the Detroit River, and there are no lack of things to do here—between bars, restaurants, festivals, and more, young adults especially will have entertainment options all year long. 

Cost of living in Rivertown is high comparatively, coming with a surplus of high-end boutiques, restaurants and upscale Rivertown condominiums and lofts. Rivertown also has a lower-than-average crime rate for Detroit. Since 85% of the neighborhood is rented, this neighborhood tends to be occupied by young, liberal-leaning working professionals. In fact, Rivertown ranks the #7 place to live for millennials in the Detroit area. 

Best for: Young professionals who want to rent in a lively and entertaining neighborhood and are able to pay a higher price tag, Rivertown has a great selection of Detroit lofts, condos and apartments.


Close to Downtown Detroit and all its amenities, Corktown offers a hipster vibe and a relatively low crime rate. It’s rated A+ for nightlife and on some lists it’s considered one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Detroit. Locals rave about the area’s stylish, vibrant food and bar culture. It’s also got an interesting history: As the oldest neighborhood in Detroit, Corktown offers a charming mix of new and old. 

Although Tiger Stadium no longer stands in the neighborhood, Corktown is reviving itself with a “neighborly spirit.” You won’t have to look far for excellent coffee shops, brewing companies, and locally loved restaurants. In terms of demographics, both singles and families with kids reside in Corktown, with 70% of its residents renting rather than buying, according to the database. However, price tags of Corktown homes and apartments are quickly rising, and renters can expect smaller living spaces in this neighborhood. 

Best for: Young families and singles looking for a diverse, culturally rich neighborhood with great transportation and amenities. Although, Corktown home rentals and apartments have comparatively smaller spaces with a higher price tag. 

Brush Park 

If you’re looking for a charming “storybook” neighborhood with Downtown convenience, look no further than Brush Park. Although expensive, it is an incredibly classic neighborhood. Brush Park offers iconic Victorian houses and tree-lined streets for homeowners, but also new, modern apartment complexes nearby.

Locals say that Brush Park is getting a heavy dose of revitalization, with new complexes and renovations popping up all the time. Its location close to downtown means you can be at a ballgame at Ford Field or Comerica Park in minutes. You’ll also love close access to Eastern Market, offering local produce and products weekly.

Best for: Families who want a good value for home ownership, with a suburban feel and easy access to Downtown Detroit, Brush Park home rentals and homes for sale are a great option.


Ranked A+ for nightlife, Midtown Detroit has plenty to do for foodies and night owls, as its main streets are clustered with taverns, cocktail bars, and cafes. Midtown is lauded for diversity of good food options and entertainment. And with its closeness to Fox Theatre, a performing arts center dubbed Detroit’s “crown jewel,” you can get your culture on, too. 

While you still get proximity to Downtown favorites — like major stadiums, malls, and memorials — the cost of living is significantly lower here in this neighborhood than in Downtown Detroit. Furthermore, almost 95% of residents in Midtown rent rather than buy their homes. While crime is slightly less than Downtown Detroit, it doesn’t receive glowing safety reviews: Residents say it feels “fairly safe.” Locals describe a very urban feel with a healthy mix of mom-and-pop shops, with many young people choosing to walk and bicycle to get around.

Best for: Renters who want an “urban” feel with nightlife and culture, with close proximity to Downtown Detroit but a relatively lower cost of living, Midtown Detroit lofts and Midtown apartments are a great option.


Downtown Detroit is a major hub for renters rather than homeowners, and ranked the #4 best neighborhood for millennials in Detroit. It’s chock-full of classic Detroit activities and sightseeing, including Ford Field and Comerica Park, Greektown Casino, the Renaissance Center, and the Joe Louis Monument. Whatever your interests are, you can find them Downtown. For example, at Hart Plaza, the Movement Electronic Music Festival draws over 100,000 fans each year, and you can catch a pro football or baseball game in (basically) your backyard at the major stadiums. From opera to electronic, history to retail therapy, Downtown’s got it. 

Residents say the walkability of downtown is a major appeal, especially near the riverfront. However, the catch to living downtown is safety, as Downtown got a D+ grade from Niche compared to other areas of Detroit. And while downtown has a major tourist pull, it fosters less of a community- or neighborhood-vibe that many millennials seek from their big cities. 

Best for: Young people who want to rent with a classically Detroit feel and walkability to major attractions, but put less emphasis on safety or community. Downtown Detroit lofts and Downtown Detroit apartments are a great option for city living.


A large, up-and-coming area north of the Detroit city center, Hamtramck offers a “diverse and family-friendly” vibe according to residents. As an extremely welcoming city-within-a-city, locals love the diversity of cultures and backgrounds in Hamtramck, raving about the authentic ethnic cuisine, overall safety, and friendly, familial atmosphere. 

Historically a landing place for immigrants of many walks, Hamtramck has retained its “melting pot” quality while also introducing new apartment complexes, hip coffee shops, and art galleries. Small, local shops trump big box stores here—think family-owned fruit markets over superstores. And while anyone will enjoy Hamtramck’s welcoming vibe, locals also cite great schools. Safety is also considered a major appeal of Hamtramck. A growing number of bars, restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and nightclubs are encouraging younger residents to move here. And since Hamtramck is centrally located, you can get a neighborhood feel while being close to an urban area.

Best for: Newcomers who want an affordable space plus a taste of a diverse, culturally rich neighborhood with a welcoming vibe. 

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